11 Must-Try Cocktail Spots in Tzaneen: Let The Adventure beGIN

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Tzaneen, known for its lush landscapes and vibrant culture, is quickly becoming a hotspot for cocktail enthusiasts. As more and more unique establishments pop up, the town’s cocktail scene is attracting both locals and tourists alike. In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 must-try cocktail spots in Tzaneen, perfect for a night out, a romantic date, or just a casual drink with friends. So let’s raise a glass and toast to these fantastic local businesses!

1. Tuskers Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of Tzaneen, Tuskers Restaurant offers a laid-back ambiance paired with an exceptional range of cocktails. Pair your cocktail with one of their delicious appetizers, like the peri-peri chicken wings, for a satisfying evening out.
Phone: 082 298 9625
Directions: Tuskers Directions

2. The Meet and Greet Tzaneen

This unique spot is not only a gathering place for friends and family, but also a hub for creativity and entertainment. Keep an eye out for their special events and promotions, as they often host live music and themed parties.
Phone: 079 500 4181
Click for Directions: The Meet and Greet Tzaneen

3. Cloud Mountain Spur Steak Ranch

For a casual dining experience with a boozy twist, look no further than Cloud Mountain Spur Steak Ranch. Enjoy your drinks alongside their mouth-watering steaks and burgers for a true taste of Tzaneen.
Phone: 015 590 1110
Click for Directions: Cloud Mountain Spur Steak Ranch

4. Highgrove Restaurant

When you’re in the mood for a more upscale dining experience, Highgrove Restaurant is the perfect destination. This elegant establishment is ideal for special occasions, anniversaries, or simply indulging in a memorable night out.
Phone: 082 427 6888
Click for Directions: Highgrove Restaurant

5. Crawdaddy’s Restaurant

Crawdaddy’s Restaurant is a fusion of flavors and cuisines, offering a tantalizing cocktail menu that complements their diverse menu. Sip on their signature cocktails while enjoying the sunset on their lovely outdoor patio.
Phone: 015 307 1555

6. Letaba Junction Restaurant

Experience riverside dining with a twist at Letaba Junction Restaurant. The perfect place to unwind and socialize over a glass of ice-cold cocktails.
Phone: 015 004 0873
Click for Directions: Letaba Junction Restaurant

7. Le’thaba Restaurant

For a truly luxurious experience, head to Le’thaba Restaurant, located within the stunning Fairview Hotel, Spa, and Golf Resort. Enjoy your drinks while surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of the resort, making it a perfect getaway destination.
Phone: 082 900 5166
Click for Directions: Le’Thaba Restaurant

8. Zeederberg Restaurant

The boutique Coach Hotel & Spa is home to the elegant Zeederberg Restaurant, where you’ll find a romantic atmosphere and a cocktail menu focused on classics with a twist.
Phone: 015 590 1198
Click for Directions: Zeederberg Restaurant

9. Feathers Restaurant

Feathers Restaurant, located within the Tzaneen Country Lodge, offers an elegant and serene ambiance, making it an ideal spot for a refined cocktail night out.
Phone: 015 304 3290
Click for Directions: Feathers Restaurant

10. Monya’s Restaurant

A hidden gem in Tzaneen, Monya’s Restaurant is known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere. With friendly staff and a cozy setting, Monya’s Restaurant is perfect for a casual night out with friends or a low-key date.
Phone: 063 422 2406
Click for Directions: Monya’s Restaurant

11. Safari Pub & Grill

Embrace the spirit of adventure at Safari Pub & Grill, a lively spot featuring a unique safari-themed décor. So go ahead and explore these fantastic establishments, and remember to drink responsibly while you enjoy the flavors of Tzaneen. Cheers!
Phone: 063 860 5185
Click for Directions: Safari Pub & Grill


There you have it – 10 must-try cocktail spots in Tzaneen that cater to a variety of tastes and occasions. From upscale dining experiences to laid-back, casual hangouts, Tzaneen’s vibrant cocktail scene has something for everyone. So go ahead and explore these fantastic establishments, and remember to drink responsibly while you enjoy the flavors of Tzaneen. Cheers!

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